PVC Cards

The plastic cards offered by the company conform to ISO standard for printing and personalization and are widely used where there are card systems. Their standard dimensions are: width: 8,57 сm; height: 5,40 сm and thickness: 0,076 сm. They vary in color and type: standard, with magnetic stripe LoCo or HiCo, contactless, contact smart and memory cards with different functionality chips, with irregular form and size (minicard and keytag), hybrid, self-adhesive stickers.


Standard Cards

Standard cards are used for visual identification. If higher protection is required, protection elements can be placed: holograms, embossed writing, signature field, barcode, etc. They are offered in the following colors: white, gold, silver, red, beige and yellow.

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Magnetic Stripe Cards

Magnetic stripe cards carry graphical and electronically readable information, recorded on a magnetic stripe. It can be LoCo (with low coercitivity, i.e. weaker resilience to strong magnetic fields) and HiCo (high coercitivity with higher resilience). The magnetic stripe consists of three tracks. 79 ...

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Contact Chip Cards

The chip cards can be Smart and Memory cards according to the functionality of the chip. Smart cards have their own operational system, microprocessor and operational memory for small programs (e.g. ACOS 2). The memory cards can store information which varies in size from 256 bytes to 128 kbytes (e.g. ...

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Contactless Cards

These are chip cards with a built-in antenna and their main advantage is that the information can be read from a distance, without physical contact. They are mainly used with access control systems. There are different cards according to the radio frequency and data exchange protocol. The most commonly ...

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Hybrid Cards

They combine the technology of the contact and contactless cards with a microchip. This makes them commonly used when both high level of information protection and possibility for reading and writing information without physical contact to reading devices are required. They are offered in three combinations: - ...

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Special Format Cards

They are offered as minicard with LoCo magnetic stripe and keytag – a card with three breaking sections, easy to use like a key holder.

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Self-adhesive stickers and stickers with protection elements

When information, which has already been written on a plastic card, has to be changed and it is not possible to change the card itself, stickers with the shape of the card are used...

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