Školske ID kartice

Identification card is a documentary proof of identity of the owner and as such finds a wide application. Mandatory attribute of the identification cards is the photo of the holder, so they are often called Photo ID cards. Unlike the widely used paper ID cards, plastic ID cards are more durable, more comfortable and much more difficult to fake.

Following items can be printed on the surface of the identification cards:  photo of the holder, his personal data, date of issue and validity period of the certificate, other official signs, terms of use and others.

Besides the standard ID features these cards can feature many additional options and so serve many different purposes: hostel, library, sports facilities, parking access, student loans, electronic payments. Many universities use smart cards to cover a wide range of applications.

Schools, colleges and universities utilize student identification cards to foster a safe learning environment, often combining access control, identification and transactional applications into one card for flexibility and convenience.

School ID cards are intended to identify an elementary, high school, or college student, in order to prove their membership of the school or college.

An ID card to identify your students

School badges are named and personalized. They can therefore include various features to identify the student:

  •     First name, surname
  •     Photo
  •     Date of birth
  •     Grade of studies
  •     Special diet, etc.

In order to differentiate between grades, different color codes can be applied.

Encoding technologies can also be added to the card:

  •     Barcodes to facilitate school canteen management or library loans, for example
  •     Contactless RFID chip to ensure site security and control access to your sites



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