Dynamic Password Generators

APG8201 PINhandy 1 OTP Generator

APG8201 PINhandy 1 is a portable and cost-efficient handheld smart card device capable of managing Dynamic One-Time Passwords, Challenge-Response Authentication Codes, and Transaction Data Signing (PKI digital signatures).

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APG8202 PINhandy 2 OTP Generator

APG8202 PINhandy 2 is an addition to the reliable dynamic password generator line of ACS. Portable and economical, this device operates on a purely standalone mode. Because of this, exposure of sensitive information in the card is limited to the device.

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APG8205 OTP Generator

APG8205 is a portable handheld and low-cost smart card device which operates on standalone mode to perform various authentication applications. It is capable of managing One-Time Passwords, Challenge Response Authentication Codes, and Transaction Data Signing (PKI digital signatures), based on the security keys stored in the EMV cards.

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