Mid-Range systems

Embosser Matica S5000E

Simple & complex issuance solution

The S5000E is dedicated for cost-conscious service bureaus, card manufacturers andfinancial institutions for mid card issuance programs. Incorporating the Matica proprietarytechnologies, the system features reliability, flexibility and ...


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Embosser Matica S6000E


Specifically designed for cost-conscious card personalization centres and financialinstitutions for mid-volume centralized card issuance programs, the S6000E is a uniqueplatform with fixed configuration that ensures everything from high quality to costefficiency...


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Embosser Matica S6000GE with printer

The All-in-one solution

Designed to meet the specific needs for mid volume card issuance programs, theS6000GE is a unique platform with fixed configuration. As a new member of theMatica product family, the S6000GE integrates proven proprietary technologies andwell known quality features...


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