EasyDo Office Power

EasyDo Office Power - Access control and time attendance software

EasyDo Office Power is application software for medium access control and time attendance system; it is backward compatible with EasyAccess Office Power. Based on EasyDo Office Edition, the software adds more detailed preferences and powerful features.

EasyDo Office Power is developed for all controllers of CiVinTec such as EL600-X, EL501T-X-XX, EL500(T)-X-XX, EL500-X-2B.  


  • Schedule shift table automatically or manually
  • Special set for overnight
  • Support manual sign-in record, overtime record, absence record
  • Multiple holiday table can be set, each card corresponds to a different time periods
  • Parameter settings in more detail closer to the customers’ using 252 kinds of settings for function keys, it is flexible to set user's special situation
  • Free to set up the authorization for in/out of different cards with a certain time period
  • Attendance reports can be printed or exported as Excel, including daily statements, monthly statements and shift table 

Main Functions: 
Access Control

  • User Information Manager
  • Card Information Manager
  • Holiday Setting
  • Controller Information Manager
  • Real-time Monitor of Controller
  • User Information Report
  • Events Report
  • Alarm Events Report
  • Administrator Manager and Administrator Group Manager

Time Attendance

  • Shift Setting
  • Holiday Setting  
  • Shift Rule and Assign Shift Setting
  • OT Record Setting
  • Sign-in Record Manager
  • Absence Reason and Absence Record Setting
  • T/A Calculating
  • Shift-Assigning Report
  • T/A Report Details and T/A Summit Report

Working Environment: 

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista 
  • SQL Server 2000/2005: Enterprise/Standard/Personal/Developer 
  • ≥256MB memory 
  • Min. 1024*768 resolution 

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