Fingerprint optical reader Startek FM220 CMOS

FM220U is a CMOS-based optical reader with high-quality. It can capture images and verify fingerprints with high speed. FM-220U has used in enrollment and attendance verification applications as a stand-alone or embedded device.


  • • ISO compliant
  • • Low image distortion – Startek’s FM220U is less than 1%.
  • • Fast scanning & matching speed
  • • Choice to set different security levels for different application FRR/FAR demand
  • • Non-distorted image quality
  • • Small template size
  • • Real-life applications - no problem in verifying smeared, scarred, stained and smudged fingers
  • • Support verification on various server platforms


  • • Verification for Welfare Distribution (financial empowerment for below poverty level or rural poor)
  • • Retail or Banking POS
  • • Workforce/School attendance and welfare management
  • • Internet Service Provider (ISP) Logon and Logical access control
  • • Foreign labor management
  • • E-shopping/procurement/clinic
  • • E-banking
  • • E-workflow/ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • • Voting Verification
  • • Club member verification


Sensors CMOS sensor
Scanning 1/15 second
Image resolution 500 dpi (H),500 dpi(V) (600dpi optional)
Image capture format 13.3 x 16.4(mm) (H * V)
Scanner output image size 264 * 324 pixels(H * V)
 Gray Level 8bits/pixel,max 256 gray scales
Image ratio of length to width 1 : 1
Scanner interface cable Standard USB compliant cable
Power supply 1 watt approx(from USB port)(200mA,approx,standby:60mA)
Minimum hardware requirement P3 800MHz CPU or up,256MB,USB2.0
Dimension 80mm (L) x 41mm(M) x 40mm(H)
Weight 100g(Approx)
Distortion <1%
Temperature(without external enclosure) 0°C~50°C
Humidity <90% non condensing
Scanning light source infrared red (940nm)
Operating volts +5V Tolerance 5% (USB connector)





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