Signature pads Sig100 - Sig 200

Signature pads for simplicity and security

Sig100 and Sig200 signature pads are ideal for:

  • Government and administration services : identity documents, registration forms
  • Businesses : contracts, personnel management and visitor management
  • Financial services : opening accounts, taking out loans
  • Retail : payment confirmation, customer loyalty programs
  • Health : admission documents, medical records
  • Tourism and leisure : registration, checking in and checking out



Insert signatures directly in your cards

Sig100 and Sig200 signature pads can be used with a computer and an Evolis card printer to include a signature in an ID card design and improve card security.  

Sig 100 & Sig 200 signature pad main features

  • Backlit display
  • Super slim design and smooth surface for natural signing experience
  • Real time signature display
  • Plug and Play USB connection
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Strong stylus tether with swivel for ease of use


  • Super slim design and smooth surface for natural signing experience
  • Data acquisition: 500 Hz and 1040 dpi for high precision
  • Plug and Play USB connection
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Standard stylus for simple replacement
  • Strong stylus tether with swivel for ease of use

Signature pads for simplicity and security

Precision and security

Sig100 and Sig 200 signature pads digitize the signatures in high resolution and can also be used to record biometric data, such as writing speed and pressure, for forensic expertise.
Secure data transfer between the pads and computers is ensured using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.

Natural signing

Sig100 and Sig200 signature pads have a large surface with a unique fi nish for natural signing sensation.
The signature is displayed in real time on the pad which is backlit to provide maximum visibility under all lighting conditions.

Documents and advertising

Evolis signature pads can display text and images. The user can see the document that is being signed on the Sig200 pad. Thanks to its slide show function, you can also display full color advertisements.

Easy to use

Evolis signature pads are compact and slim and are ideal for use in all working conditions, in particular when you are travelling. Sig100 and Sig200 signature pads are connected directly to a computer via a USB cable which also supplies the power. No external power supply is required. The signature pads are truly plug and play.

Ease of integration

Evolis signature pads can be easily integrated into existing IT systems and applications using the APIs and the free SDK.

Long-term investment

The Sig100 and Sig200 signature pads are robust, the greatest attention having been paid to the materials from which they are made. Their surface is scratch-resistant for maximum life-time and the 2-year warranty makes them a long-term investment.


  • Backlit display
  • Monochrome (Sig100) or color (Sig200) display
  • Super slim, ergonomic design
  • Smooth surface
  • Non-scratch finish
  • Real time signature display
  • Connects to computer via USB 2.0
  • Standard stylus
  • Tether with swivel
  Sig 100 Sig 200
Display  Monochrome Color
Resolution 320 x 160 pixels 640 x 480 pixels
Diagonal  4’’ (10,5 cm) 5’’ (12,7 cm)
Active signing area 95 x 47 mm  100 x 75 mm
Dimensions 10 x 160 x 120 mm 15 x 191 x 180 mm
Communication - Slideshow up to 10 pictures  
  2 LED status indicators
Touch sensitive screen
  • Active signing area: 95 x 47 mm (Sig100)
  • Active signing area: 100 x 75 mm (Sig200)
  • Linearity: +/- 1,5 % in x, y and z directions
  • 1024 pressure levels
Digitization External sampling rate: 500 samples per second, 4 axes (x, y, time and pressure)
Internal sampling rate: 6000 samples per second
Resolution: 1040 dpi not interpolated
Interfaces Full-speed (12 Mbps) USB 2.0 HID (Human Interface Device) compatible with earlier versions
Plug and Play: no special drivers required
Security AES encryption of data transfer between the pad and the computer
RSA signature and RSA encryption in the pad
Unique internal serial number

Compatible with:

  • Windows™ XP 32/64, W7 32/64, W8 32/64, Server 2003, 2008
  • Linux
Free SDK available upon request:
  • Screen configuration and customization (logos, images, buttons)
  • Definition of signature area
  • Signature capture in various formats
  • RSA-signing functionality in the pad
  • Documentation available on demand

Free Twain driver available upon request

Optional signoSign/2 software for creating and signing secure PDF documents

Memory   Internal memory for slideshows: up to 10 pictures
Certifications and statement of compliance
  • CE, FCC
  • RoHS
  • DIN EN 60950-1, DIN EN 61000-6-1, DIN EN 61000-6-3
Power Via USB cable, no external power supply
Operating environment
  • Operating temperature range: -10° / 60° C (14° / 140° F)
  • Storage temperature range: -25° / 70° C (-13° / 158° F)
  • Humidity: 90% non condensing
  • Atmospheric pressure: > 0.7 bar
Packaging content
  • Signature pad
  • Captive USB cable (1.5 m)
  • Stylus (standard)
  Vertical stylus holder (Sig 200)
Size and weight
Dimensions (H x W x D): 10 x 160 x 120 mm (0.39’’ x 6.29’’ x 4.72’’) 15 x 191 x 180 mm (0.59’ x 7.52’’ x 7.08’’)
Weight: 200 g (0.44 lbs) 356 g (0.79 lbs)
Warranty 2 years




  • Signosign2

  32-bit version of Windows

  64-bit version of Windows

  • Twain/ Wia driver

 Twain driver 7.0.26.exe

Additional software tools

  • SignoPAD-Tools


  • ​SlideShow manager

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